Systema of a Lockdown

Martial art training in the time of the corona virus

Reading System book with mask
Reading Strikes: Soul Meets Body and the Systema Manual during corona virus isolation

It’s been more than a month since martial arts clubs and gyms across Ontario were closed. Many groups and fitness programs have moved to online sessions, and the Russian martial art of Systema is no exception. For the last two weeks Emmanuel Manolakakis and the other instructors at Fight Club in Toronto have been hosting live Zoom sessions for students and their friends. I’ll be recording some of my experiences and sharing resources here.

The first two weeks were a bit experimental, with half hour sessions yielding to longer 45 minute classes for adults and separate classes for youth twice a week.

Solo training focused on conditioning and basics of breathing, balance and awareness. Some instructors worked on flexibility and unblocking of nerves, or strengthening core muscles. Weight and pressure awareness for wrestling and strikes.

I had the pleasure of attending an online class with Vladimir Vasiliev himself on April 11th, in which some 75 people were led through exercises designed to reduce stress and strengthen our ability to deal with the effects of the current disruption and isolation.

Classes from Fight Club

Adult : Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00; Tuesday and Thursday 19:00

Youth: Monday, Wednesday after Adult class (12:50-12:00)

Systema HQ

Online classes and training resources from Systema HQ.