Some video lessons to help you get started with Systema. While nothing can take the place of personal interaction with a qualified instructor, these will help you prepare for and understand what is happening during online training sessions.

Overview of Philosophy and Training

An introduction to Systema by Matt Hill (UK) 4:53

Breathing in Systema

An Introduction to Systema Breathing by Systema Reading (UK) 6:40

Fundamentals of Movement and Structure

Drill 1: Laying on Back (safe movements) by Bratzo Barrena (Peru) 10:18
Forming the Fist for Systema Strikes 3:13
Drill 2: Laying on the stomach 9:17
Systema Breathing for Squats and Push-ups (NC Systema) 11:57
The Systema sit-up and variations
Groundwork Systema Solo Training Tips 1

Sample Classes at Fight Club

Fight Club class circa 2012

Online Classes and Solo Training Resources

Next live class with Vladimir Vasiliev on Wednesday May 13th at 19:30 EST

Online session with Vladimir Vasiliev

Most live classes require Zoom.