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The Minerva Chronicles

The Minerva Chronicles

A world-spanning set of tales from an alternate solar system where Earth has a habitable neighbour world.

When the Viking probes of the 1970s landed on Minerva and found primitive life on the shores of the equatorial ocean, the slowing space race roared to life again. Centuries of settlement and adaptation later, a disaster on Earth ends support. Difficult times ensue, and when Earth ships return to restore the connections and the control of Earth, locals are faced with conflicting interests and difficult choices.

Detailed guide to Minerva for you Earthlings
Flag of the Minerva Federal Republic 2186
Map of Minerva settlements, western Equatorial Ocean c. 2170

Outward Bound anthology

Loosely inspired by Isaac Arthur’s Outward Bound videos and the best of hard SF, a variety of authors look at humanity’s expansion into the reaches of the solar system. From the clouds of Venus to the sands of Mars, to the radiation-blasted moons of Jupiter and beyond.