Solutions for instructors of the martial arts and sports.

You answer student’s questions. Who answers yours?

Have you wondered…

  • What you taught when, and to whom?
  • How to arrange a series of cohesive, progressive classes?
  • What corrections and explanations you used?
  • How assistants compare?
  • What has a student been taught?
  • Where do I get a new lesson plan in a hurry?
  • How can I share information with colleagues and students?

We’re building tools that help you find those answers and more, with the goals of saving you time and helping you teach more effectively.

  • Record who shows up
  • Record what happens
  • Save the record
  • Create a lesson from your session
  • Schedule a repeat of a lesson
  • Plan a cycle of lessons
  • Compare instructors
  • Connect drills and exercises with performance goals
  • Access a library of lesson plans, exercises and media
  • Share information between instructors
  • Communicate with students and parents
Data for the dojo.